Different circumstances demand the attention of different kinds of professionals, but when it comes to seeking answers and connecting different dots to reach the truth then there is no better option than private investigator. We are dedicated towards providing our customers with very personalized and discreet services. Below we discuss some of the services that we specialize in.

Child Custody Investigations

Logo of a childFighting for custody of your child can be one of the most stressful events of your life. It usually involves heated emotions between ex-lovers and frightened children. Let us help by gathering evidence and facts to support your case.

Evidence that we collect and the facts that uncover are admissible in court, which can help you win your custody battle. Our investigators are experienced with child custody matters and offer guaranteed services.

Background Checks

services_backgroundcheckTrusting someone is not easy, we understand that it is extremely important for your personal and financial safety to interact with those individuals that are honest and possess a clean background.

We have the ability to search nationwide records in order to discover the financial standing of any individual and can also run comprehensive background checks to give you a clear picture about the motives of an individual.

Whether you’re hiring an employee for a high-level position or you just need more information about someone, we can help.

Commercial Countermeasures

services_commercialYears of detective and private investigation experience has equipped us with the ability to understand how to secure a place of business. We can run security checks on your property and ensure that all the safeguards are in place.

We also provide training to the security guards about how to handle themselves in tricky situations. So if you wish to have a secure and healthy workplace give us a call.